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Uploading Caffeine Addiction | FOOD & BEVERAGES

The kick of the beautiful bitter frothy creamy milky liquid as a must-drink every day is no longer being looked at in a functional way. Being in a coffee shop in the morning or afternoon even in any time of day to get your daily dose of caffeine is a trending lifestyle. Either you have a laptop in front of you or a book in hand, you’ll see it as a daily routine that will be put automatically in your daily expenses budget. Taking a photo of this routine and uploading them on instagram with mainstream caption is also a habit. Well, for almost everyone. Here’s my stakes on coffee photography. Toodles ! XX.
From the big corporate to the local artisanal coffee or just a simple coffee shop, being a barista is common nowadays. Every hand makes different style and taste of coffee.
My favourite is lattes, all day everyday. what’s yours ?

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