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The Statement Bags | FASHION


I love quirky. I think that word and the meaning is always a part of fashion. If you are not quirky, in a good or a bad way, then you will be ordinary. Ordinary is good in some days when you want to be under the radar, but in fashion you have to stand out from the crowd and be seen. In that case : you have to make a statement.

Mixing formula and trying out what is working and what is not is of course, the essence of styling. You can own the world’s most expensive and hottest bag and you style yourself wrong, it will not look as expensive and as hot as it should be. You can dress all vintage and looks expensive. That is the magic of fashion and styling, you can be anything you want to be, you can own the look you fancy, and with the right confidence you will make your statement and you will stand out from the crowd. Somebody can be prettier, but she can be boring. Never be the boring one.

I bumped into an unbranded, Indonesian local brand bag, that looks so cute my heart hurts. With the size of around 35 cm long and 20 cm wide, a light weight, light grey furry with a detail of metal cut into a shape of a silver sunglasses, I found myself purchasing this little fashion monster. You can never put too much into a clutch, but this bag has room big enough for your necessity and essential things : money, cards, phone, a compact and a lipstick. You can still put your car keys inside. It looks quirky as a clutch bag and with bags like these, you should not put too much on your outfit and make yourself too much for everybody. That would be all the wrong reasons of people staring. So here are my stakes :

Top and Bottom : TOPSHOP – Block Heels Peep Toe Sandals : ZARA
Shirt : TOPSHOP – White Dungarees and Flats : ZARA

Top and Culottes : TOPSHOP – Shoes : ZARA
Jacket : PULL & BEAR – Sneakers : NIKE SOCKS DART
This Furry Little Friend surely makes a statement ! Well, it stares.
Sweater : TOPSHOP – Bag : BYO – Flats : MIU MIU

Moving on, I am going for simple but not that simple either. With a woven kind of details out of elastic PVC material, the BYO brand clutch bag somehow looks organic and alive. Designed and made in Indonesia, I got to know this brand by a friend and I think the versatile design goes to informal or formal wear. I settled for black before torn between that and the enchanting red. But I am so glad now I settled for black. It goes almost with everything.

Playsuit : MISS SELFRIDGE – Flats : MIU MIU
T Shirt and Ripped Denim : TOPSHOP – Sneakers : CONVERSE x COMMES DES GARCONS – Bag : FENDI MONSTER

When FENDI showcased the first ever look of their monster collection in my life, I was an instant fan. I have been loving things like that and being one of the hot brands, it was my goal to own at least one of the monster collection. Torn between colours and design, I finally settled for the bold blue, red and pink with those wicked eyes. I was going to settled for something more neutral, but this one with the colour tones are rarely spotted, so I eventually purchased this one.

Top : THAILAND LOCAL BRAND – Culotte Pants and Flats : ZARA – Bag : MISS SELFRIDGE

Taking it a little girly with floral, here goes the affordable MISS SELFRIDGE clutch bag that actually looks more expensive that it actually is.

Dress and Shoes : ZARA – Bag : STRADIVARIUS

Going furry and bold again with this vintage twist from STRADIVARIUS. With metal chains for a sling depends on your preference.

Dress and Flats : ZARA – Bag : TOPSHOP

Last but not least from my ultimate favourite brand of Topshop. Nude shoulder bags with light pastel colours floral details. Suitable for everyday use.

So, with a bag that screams to get looked at, never put too much into one outfit. Well, somedays they probably work, but somedays, keep it simple. But either way, let them stare.

Love, S.

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