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The PomPom Clan Mistake | FASHION

Yeah, so I got a pair of cute Topshop pom pom strappy sandals which are really colourful and eye catching in a good way, far from tacky but they’re pretty and fashionable. It’s the kind of sandals that you would wear for summer, to compliment whatever you’re wearing and should you wear something simple, because the sandals themselves are already making a statement of their own. Boy, I did one of my fashion donts with them : rookie mistake with the pom pom family clan.

I’m wearing a linen unfinished stitches sleeveless top with a pair of complicated artistic patterned washed denim, jogger in drop crotch style, which make the pants that I’m wearing, itself, is a huge statement. The top is still forgivable given it’s a plain one with simple details, but the pants and then your eyes go down to the pom pom sandals : too much. So, statement one, statement two, and big ones. Sometimes the more the merrier but it’s in a way of being too merrily too much. Yikes.

Trying to look ethnic is one thing, but when you put two things that really are big statements into one look, it’s a big NO.

So that’s one of my fashion mistakes in life. So don’t be embarrassed when you put on something that goes wrong, people do that and we learn. Smile !

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