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The Floral Arrangements | OOTD

It is said that girls are made from sugar, spice and everything nice. There are also girls that are made from fine wine, adventure and everything fine. With those quotes, it’s concluded : there are so many type of girls and every piece of clothing designed for girl there is, it’s for every style that ever girl desires. You want to style one particular blazer to be boyish, you can. You want to style the same blazer to be girly or punk, it’s fine too. You can be anything you want in fashion. Style yourself with what looks good on you and what makes you feel confident.

I love random patterns. For instance, I love floral. Summer always screams floral but when it’s winter and you feel like it, floral it is too. Living in Indonesia with its two-seasons-only, everything goes really. It’s all depends on when you wake up in the morning and what Mother Nature has decide what weather to put you on that day.

So, weather has been good and there’s me on my pretty but comfortable outfit and feeling girly. Floral dress-like playsuit from ZARA with black surface patterned with summer coloured random little flowers. Paired up with a comfortable pink satin ballerina flats, I’m good to go with my nude cream coloured VALENTINO bag that rocks up the look a little. 

Looking girly never makes me tired so on the next day, I put on another floral patterned ZARA playsuit, still a dress-look-alike, but in more of a vintage style. It’s more structured rather than flowy. Deciding to go with a pair of my baby blue MIU MIU strap up ballerina flats and a rock stud VALENTINO bag in black. And I let my hair straight down. 

It’s a bit sunnier than usual and I feel relax, so I settled on a really casual outfit with my floral patterned outerwear in pastel baby pink with black stroke and neutral brown on white from TOPSHOP, paired up with a white plunge camisole and denim shorts. For accent, I’m wearing a studded TOPSHOP belt with the kind of country cowboy but rock and roll feeling with a rock stud black VALENTINO bag in hand. Strappy sandal with a snakeskin strap, some random combination of silver rings on my finger and I’m good to go.

When it gets a little chilly but not that much, I still want to go out in style, so I put on my knit top with bell sleeves in clean white paired with floral relax shorts. A little bit of height won’t hurt so I slip into my block heels white slips peep toe sandals. To finish the whole look, of course, the rock stud VALENTINO bag to give my simple outfit a BANG!

That’s on floral girly thingy and here’s a teensy pick on my work out outfit with unbranded printed oversized sleeveless unfinished shirt and Lulu Lemon legging plus don’t forget : my most favourite pair of Nike Chicago Air Jordans. Get fashionable, get healthy too.

Toodles xxx.

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