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People who know me and my family totally aware that our blood somehow made of arts. My Grandfather from my Dad’s side was the one who started it. Losing his sight when he reached the age of early 40s didn’t stop him from doing what he could do best : art. He started out with floral arrangements, and moved his passion into crystal works and chandeliers, then settled for decorative artwork, lamps and lightings plus interior designs. From crystals, glasses, metals, wood or anything else, he could do it. My Dad wasn’t the best at school, but being so diligent and focused on everything, he took the legacy and with the brain of the company which is my Mom, they flaunt and successfully start the company on their own. And there goes : me.

Having my passion for art has been my life long thing since early life. Ever since I was a toddler and my tiny hand was strong enough to hold a pen, I’ve been doodling ever since. I love to draw big figurines with different kinds of outfit, I made up stories, even did comics. I held on to fashion up until everyone in my town wants to do fashion. It was a thing. So I was thinking, why just do fashion ? Why don’t I do both ? So there was me. My first early meetings following Mom around and try to learn how things work. And guess what ? Those lightings above me? Our design and final product ! Also the artificial plants for table ornaments on the table above. This work was for NeoSoho, Central Park, Jakarta. 

Magic brains and hands of my parents also made its way into big hotels all around Indonesia and Asia, spreading their legacy. That’s a quite big deal and big shoes to fill in, big steps to follow. But I still can flaunt my passion for fashion by showing up in meetings looking like myself : fashionable and one of a kind.

So you can dream a lot of dreams, you can have a lot of goals. But never close the doors to out of the box opportunities, the one that you think was never your passion on the first place. Might be the best thing that could ever happened to you, nothing like you’ve imagined before. 

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