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Splashed by Spritz and Prosecco | PHOTO EDITING

Didn’t know what got into me but after having a night out with friends and ordered the restaurant’s special cocktail of Gin married to a Spritz kind of blend, I’ve been fascinated with orange-hued photo editing. Downloaded a vintage effects app, I played around with the editing and got these photos. What do you guys think ? Well it was just for fun. LOL.
Do you want to find out which restaurant it was ? I might tell you. But buy me this cocktail ! And make it two. Wink.
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It’s funny isn’t it, that the world race around to be more high tech and all that, but we missed out on the fun the older days used to have. I missed Tetris, Nintendos, Playstation, Pinball machines and Pac Man, Kodak, Vinyl Records and real photos. Ah, glory days. Please pardon me, I’m just a ranting old lady who missed my golden years. LOL.
From Bali, with LOVE S xxx.

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