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Sneaks Girl All Day Everyday | OOTD | FLAT LAYS

Most girls population would really kill to walk in killer high heels, showing their legs, looking sexy and confident as ever. I’m not one of those girls. Growing up, I tried my best to walk in those godly creations that girls my age preach, but me being me, I stand for myself and let my friends walk on their heels while I’m just as confident in my sneakers and boots. I can’t even do kitten heels. Can you imagine ? Heels are my nemesis, they kill me. It doesn’t matter that they make your butts look rounder and tighter, I think I’ll pass. I always feel like a baby giraffe, wobbling, learning how to walk. And guess what ? When zombie invasion happens, good luck running in heels. Haha. I’m not saying I’m loathing girls who walk in heels, God forbid, no. I highly respect everybody who can walk in heels. It’s pretty damn hard. I’m just saying : I’m a sneakers freak lady and boots believer ( I can do chunky heeled boots, tho – yay me LOL )
Flat laying my lunch which consists of frothy long black on extra ice and sirloin with a bit of greens and a sunny side up egg. I know, weird combination. Well, I’m quirky and I’m proud of it.
So yeah, this is me, rocking a patterned Topshop dress with little Furla sling bag in mustard and my ultimate worn out Converse All Stars sneakers. Cheers and cuddles, x.

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