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One of my most favourite city is Amsterdam. I’ve never thought in my life that I would fall in love with a city that considered having mostly cold temperature almost all year long, even in the summer, when it’s sunny, it still tends to get cold and windy. As a girl who’s always been into island and hot summer days, I still can’t believe I even picture myself to actually live there someday. That’s the dream.
Anyway, during my second trip there with my Dad, we saw a lot of Argentinian Steak places. So in that case, we actually got curious and ask around, which restaurant is highly recommended. From a lot or references we got, we chose CAU. So we were planning to eat there more than once, so my first visit there was barely midday, and I saw the burger menu. So I got tempted to choose burger first on that first visit, rather than steak.
First look, the burger was much more simpler than American burgers that I’ve tried before, and it was an open burger. So the curiousness kicked in, I put the burger into a whole bun, and took a bite. The bun was fresh and fluffy, the bacon was not really crispy but in a nice chewy kind of way, the melted cheese was unbelievable, fresh and crisp veggies, and the meat itself, was really really juicy, flavourful and fresh. It’s so simple, but that was the best part of the burger. They didn’t try to add much, and the true essence of the burger spoke for itself. With the companion of salty fries dipped into ketchup and mayo, it was a whole meal for dining before midday. I also love the chocolate milkshake. Totally and completely addictive.
I really do recommend this place. With tables indoor and outdoor which we can choose according to our preference, friendly staff and nice assortments of food, truly a must-visit place !
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Light bites ? They also have those ! One from them that we tried is this yummy fried pork fritters. Juicy, crispy but not too oily and the sauce on the side was really mouthwateringly tangy and adding the freshness to the taste. Gold and glistening.
One of my most memorable dining experience. Yummy !

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