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Sacred Gym Attire For Legs Day | FASHION

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I love legs day at the gym. It’s cruel, it’s brutal, it’s tearing my heart apart and it cripples me like crazy. One of the weakest part of my body is indeed my legs. Every time the period got nearer and I’m on my PMS mode, my thighs will bloat. Every time I ate a bit much, my thighs bloat. Everything is about the thighs. So whenever I feel like I’m bloating and tired, I rest, then torture myself with heavy weights on legs days.
My former gym coach who #preach made me got my six packs two years ago ( which then things sort of happened and fell apart and now I’m doing boxing and yoga instead ) loves Nike. Before, I love Nike and Adidas equally. But he was a Nike kind of person, so he showed me and introduced me to Nike AJs. At first glance I love the look, so I got my first pair. I tried to do legs with them and it feels so much more comfortable. Because they’re flat, you can actually grip so much stronger when you do your squats and press more when you do leg presses. So then I got greedy and collect them. At some point, I stopped buying them because I’m not into weight lifting anymore. But, I thought I’m just going to share stuff that I love.
The shoes are still taken care neatly in my house and they’re things I have in common to talk about with Riccardo, my Cross Fit coach slash former Italian basket ball player. And my most favourite one is got to be this one, AJ Chicago if I’m not mistaken. In bold red, white and black. They’re really hard to get. So if at some points I have to sell all of my AJs, damn sure I’ll keep these babies !
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Wearing my Deus Ex Machina Snapback, Lorna Jane tank and legging and my AJ babies.
I’ve been stuck with my weights and my body. Any ideas or suggestions what I should do ? I do freaking boxing and yoga and active everyday. I think I’m on my stuck phase. HAHA ! Love, S.

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