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Playing Dress Up with The-Not-So-Versatile | FASHION

It is said and believed that black colour goes with everything. And indeed, that is true. Plain black is a versatile colour that in fashion, it will go with everything. It is a safe colour and also a colour of statement. People who prefer one fashion item, let say, a dress that can be worn over and over again and styled with any accessories of their choices, would go for black. Black is never boring. Black is everlasting.

Being able to handmade and handcrafted my own local fashion brand in Indonesia ( Instagram Account : ), people often request some of my products to be in neutral and black colours. Those colours would be easy to style, effortless to put on. But some neutrals and black can be boring sometimes. So I played up with some patterns but the base and main colour is neutral and black.

Starting up with this monochrome black and white polkadot pattern halter top that shows off our beautiful shoulders, relaxed fit. Paired up with a little pattern of floral in thin and soft organza layered skirt with soft pale grey underneath. The top and bottom as an outfit is girly, so why not grunge it up, edge it up a bit with boots, vintage sunglasses and a hair bun.

Still in the cool colour tones, one of the best selling items is a kimono style outerwear. Taking place is the versatile light soft grey light denim material kimono style outerwear, casually designed. Paired up with a monochrome polkadot boxy culotte pants from glossy silky satin to spark up the look with a little class. Simple spandex black tank for top. This outfit screams comfortable but stylish for casual hang outs.

Playing with two different kinds of patterns can be tricky. But luckily, I got these two covered. With a mesh black polka dot boxy top in light cotton detailed with adjustable twisting detail in front, you can have an edgy and stylish look with a monochrome plaid ruffly pencil skirt. Never forget your boots for a more statemental look.

Girly but not too girly. A same but a different thing. Create your own kind of girly but edgy with this black mesh polka dot boxy top with adjustable twisting front detail and a taupe tulle skirt layered with black underneath. Go for a ride with pink rimmed red sunglasses. It is a vintage but edgy and effortlessly cool look. Girl next door, but not so much.

Playing dress up and paired up some mismatched. There is no wrong or right. There is only one thing : FUN.

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