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Pineapple ! | FASHION

Everyone knows that fashion sometimes has its own thing and its own statement that doesn’t make sense. Super high platform shoes, super pointy high heels, super skinny jeans or in my case, super mini bag. I got this black and white Pineapple shaped sling bag from ZARA with metal strap. It barely contains anything that I always bring with myself through out my day out, but when I saw it from the first time at the store, it caught my eyes. It was just so cute being displayed amongst all other bags and of course it makes a statement out of it. Being in monochrome colours that is the basic black and white, it helps a lot with outfit choices even though the shape is designed to be eye catching. 

Luckily, the bag has a little compartment on the back part where I can slip my iPhone in. The compartment inside will only be able to contain my little card holder, some money, neither a lipstick or a lip balm and a small compact. And that’s it. Well, I can also slip my car keys but please noted : without any keychains or anything else.

Still, it’s a cute occasional fashion item that would totally worth the money as it’s so affordable and of course, make a statement without being too much or even too little. 

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