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Leftover Lace | FASHION

So you went fabric shopping when you were asked to make some bridesmaid dresses for your best friend’s wedding, or you were just walking around and you saw those interesting lace materials and you bought them anyway. You were thinking, “I’ll think about what I’m going to make with these laces. They were all so cute, I know I can think up of something.” But then three months have passed and the brilliant ideas never came. And you were left with piles of lace, untouched.

Then you were tidying up your closet when some old T-shirts you almost forgot you have were just falling out and it has been ages since the last time you wore them. DING ! Here comes idea number one !

You can trim the lace really tidy and just play around, sew them up randomly on your old T-shirt. You can place it wherever you like. You can make it straight in line or make some ruffles with them. You can place one to make it simple or more for merrier. But not too much to avoid the trying too hard look. Just play with your own style and have fun. You surely make something interesting of those lace materials and of course, you make a whole new look with your old T-shirts.

You can wear them with plain denims or patched ones to make it more fun. It is great to make everything useful and turn it into fashion items.

Same goes with plain oversized shirt dresses. You can cut the dress into unfinished asymmetrical shapes and add some lace for fun. Whatever the shapes are, whichever lace you like, any style – anything you want. That is the essence of styling. Making things work according to your likings and making it look good and stylist. Fashion is never wrong or right. Whatever works and looks good, then it is fashion itself.

Wider lace materials can also made up to be a simple skater skirt. With thin layer material underneath, you can pair up the skirt with almost everything, especially when it is in a neutral colours.

So never throw away something when you are sure you can make something out of it. Sometimes, you just need to wait for the idea to unexpectedly finally come to you, and you experiment with everything. And finally, you get some products out of it. Would be best if they are fashionable ones, right ?

Just a thought.

With love, S.

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