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I Got Scammed by The Fake Club | FASHION

I know fashion and I know styling. I love shopping both branded and unbranded things, both vintage or new things. I style and taste categorised as random, my preferences towards these things are unpredictable. Sometimes I can tell the original from the fake, but sometimes I’m only human and I can’t. 

Being in Indonesia, not all products come through from the official stores. Not every brands are available here so sometimes I ask my friends to get them for me or I’ll buy from some online stores via social media that provide services of getting the products that we desire from overseas. Sometimes they have ready stocks too. All of those items are provided with receipt and all things that define their originality and authenticity. 

And so it happened, my second fashion mistake. I saw my friends wearing the Anti Social Social Club hoodie so I tracked some online stores down and there was this one who claimed selling original goodies. I purchased in total three hoodies and waited for my products to get delivered to me. I also received receipts and things like that, so without checking more closely, I wore them and uploaded them on my instagram.

Then, after spending a lot on those fashion items, my nightmare came to life. My friend texted me and claimed that all of my hoodies were indeed fake ones. She told me she had the original ones and been comparing them to mine, so she was perfectly sure mine are fake ones. She pointed out the things that she has found odd, and even when I didn’t want to, I admitted that she was right. She was sorry for me and she didn’t want me to get more scammed from the same online store. 

When it comes to fake products, I got no judgements for people who use them, but for me personally : I’m against all the fake products. It’s better to purchase some unbranded ones and wear them with pride making things work rather than purchasing fake products and pretend they’re original. It’s totally a punch in every designer’s face and a disrespectful act. For me, piracy is a big NO tattooed on my forehead. So, I got myself slapped in the face this time.

Lesson learned, I got to be more careful and no more rushing on buying products that I want. I have to really check or ask around first, it doesn’t matter how much time it needs, but better safe than sorry. And I was totally completely SORRY. 

So in the end, I gave those three horrible hoodies to my maids at home. There’s no way I’ll wear them again, ever ever. I’ll pass fake ones.  Yikes. 

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