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Girly with Bootie | OOTD

White Floral Embroidered Off Shoulder Top : ZARA – Stretch Washed Leggings : H&M – Boots : BERSHKA

Boots can be identified as a strong footwear for women. A pair of boots can make a statement for anyone who struts with them on. For example, you can wear something as simple as a fitted white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, slip into either your cowboy boots or military boots, you will look stylish and fashionable with minimum accessories. I think they are effortless fashion items and they speak for themselves, no matter which kind of boots you have decided to put on.

On most Sunday mornings, I will go to church. As my church is liberal and open minded for dress codes and manners as long as they are still respectable, I have chosen my white off shoulder top with colourful little flowers details embroidered here and there from ZARA. I paired them with one of the most comfortable washed denim leggings from H&M, getting rolled up. With black socks hidden underneath, I put on my lace up military boots with chunky heels from BERSHKA. The pair of boots themselves give a strong and boyish feels, but because I am pairing them up with a neutral white and dangly tassel earrings, the whole look still is girly. With a black statement clutch bag from BYO, the girlier the look gets. Hair down, natural make up on, I am so ready to go conquer the Sunday from morning to night.

It does not matter how one fashion item is categorised in which style. It can be boyish, unisex or girly. It is a matter of whichever second fashion item we choose to pair it with. One stuff always compliments the other up until the whole look is created, accordingly to our likings.

Hope this one is good. Love, S.

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