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Edgy But Comfy | FASHION

Sometimes, on those lazy days, whether it is your period day, your break up day or your late pay check day, you feel the urge not to go out and enjoy the day and you just want to sulk. But whether you are spending your day sulking or being happy, you are still going to go through that day, right ? So why will not just shrug it off and have a little cheer up for yourself ?

Slip into something comfortable like a buttoned down shirt. If it has a detail like probably a backless details, straps or something, that will do and will make a statement. Being simple and effortless with a twist, I might say. Then, you can just slip into some comfort pants, probably those ones with rubber waistband in a culotte style. With a tote big enough to put on your things, you might also bring a small read of novel or something, you are ready to go. Never forget your sunnies, you might want to put it on and avoid any contact with other human being and just having some me-time.

Last but not least, make it edgy with a pair of boots. Boots can never go wrong, and you can get through the day in style. When you look good, you will feel good and a lot better eventually. So dress up, cheer up and go out !

The whole look is available at — grab yours !

Love, S.

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