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Eat Good, Run Good, Look Good, FEEL GOOD | LIFESTYLE

It is said that you are what you eat. But also remember, that you are what you feel about yourself inside. It’s good to take care of yourself and choose a better healthier food than junk food. But remember, a human is only human and once in a while we’d love to indulge on those creamy icy cool gelato and rich chocolate truffle. It’s okay, because every time we eat more, we just have to get active and work out a little harder.

I love to eat salmon. Grilled ones or sashimi ones. I think it’s a tasty kind of fish that you’ll never get tired of. My Mom hates sea food in general but when she got pregnant with my little brother, she craved salmon sashimi everyday. That’s when she can tolerate one kind of seafood : salmon.

I love to eat my salmon with rice, actually. It’s almost like a full, healthy meal for me. I got energised, it’s lighter than red meat, and you’ll get all the nutrients. It’s good to change up once in a while and combine every protein that you take daily, but definitely my favourite has got to be this sea treasure.

There are days when I love running so much. I think it helps with the adrenaline and it’s a work out that you can do anytime anywhere. It only needs yourself, your feet and a pair of good running shoes. It burns calories and you’ll get to meet a bunch of great people and make friends while you’re at it. I always take my Powerbeats wireless earphone with me and run for my life. LOL.

After some of the hardcore running, I always feel sore around my feet. Because I run really early in the morning, I always soak my feet into a warm water infused with salt and lemon. I don’t know why but it really does feel good that way and I’ll take a long hot shower to ease all the soreness away. Then, I’ll choose my comfy daily outfit which involves sneakers. They’re easy to walk in throughout the whole day activities and guess what, you can still look good in them. When you look good, you do feel more confident and a lot better about yourself. So always make the effort to dress well, even casually. 

So I think in one active day, you can have all these things : eat good, run good, look good, feel good.

When it’s really necessary or I have to hang out for a bit somewhere, I’ll dress myself up in a comfy slip dress and put on a shoes where it has a bit of height, but platformed. 

So there you go people. Several GOODs in a day ! LOVE, S. 

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