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Clash Patterns | FASHION

People always think that styling is easy. Wrong. It’s more than that. Sometimes, when you get into the job of styling, you have to make everything work. Even when you are faced with minimum choices of clothings to create several looks. Sometimes, you can mix and match things that obviously will go together to create an outfit. Sometimes, things are so mismatched, you just got to make it work.

When one of the new collections of my brand is doing a photoshoot, I got a little bit of a challenge to style some of the products. Sometimes when you design some things, the outcome is far away from your expectations. Then, I just got to make these pair work to create some photos displaying the lookbook for the products. As nothing else works, I try on this : off shoulder stripes baby doll top with tie dye A line skirt. The patterns clash, but with the right make up and hair, they still somehow work together and look pleasant.

When you clash patterns, sometimes they barely make sense. But you can always try with hair, make up or styling the outfit and try things even out of the box ones. Just be bold and never get scared when things get stuck. Try everything you can think of, and you might get the outcome that unexpectedly nice indeed.

Hope that works ! Love, S.

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