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Big Thighs Vs High Top Sneaks | FASHION

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High cheekbones hide the weight gains for some people, trust me – been there done that. It doesn’t matter how many kgs I’ve gained, my face stays the same. Having an oval shaped face totally an advantage for me. Even when my body changes, people would see my face first and I’ll hide my extra fats with oversized tees, baby doll tops, baggy jeans and shift dresses.  Naturally gifted with small bones and genes – trust me – doesn’t mean that you will get away with everything.
My weakest part of my body is totally my thighs and lower stomach. When period almost come by and say hi, my thighs will bloat like craaaay-zy. And believe me, it’s not pretty, it really does mess up my confidence. Same goes if I gain any extra weight, showing thighs go bye byes for me.
Sneakers by far are my favourite footwear beside the boots clan. It’s comfortable, it’s stylist and if there’s any zombie invasion ever happen, you’ll run for your life at once with no problem at all! God bless all that hot mess high heeled girls. Back to the topic, I love wearing high top sneakers, and Converse classics are my ultimate favourite. I love wearing them most with hot pants. Problem is, when the big thighs days strike me, I really can’t.
So how to wear this favourite footwear of mine, look girly and still pretty? I always get away with midi dresses ! They hide my thighs, I rock my high top sneakers, but still – I look girly and stylish. Throw in a colourful bag for a statement and eye catcher, and you’re ready to go. The style goes with my hair down but sometimes I put a hair bun on top of my head for just being playful.
So there you go, one of my favourite, day to day style.
Dress : Thailand’s Local Brand – Bag : BALENCIAGA – Sneakers : CONVERSE ALL STAR

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