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Nothing and Everything

Life is just like a rollercoaster. Sometimes we’re screaming happily up high in the air, sometimes we’re going down and feel scared, sometimes we’re on the flat trail, not knowing whether it’s going up or going down next. That’s life, a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes the universe allow us to be at our lowest point, to be grateful when we’re on our high. Sometimes life lets us experience the low point of life, so that we can appreciate even until the little things in life when we achieve the top position. Life is life and life is fair. When you think it’s unfair, probably it’s because we’re self pitying ourselves. When you get jealous of others, probably it means that you’re not patience enough to wait for your turn.

Sometimes life lets us to be nothing first, so that we can appreciate ourselves and others when we become everything.

Just a little thought.

Love, S.

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