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Life Without Phones

Hello from Bali’s not so hidden gem El Passo, located in Canggu, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. I know, right ? The greeneries are so beautiful my heart hurts, and it makes me wonder when I look around the people around me. What are they doing. Are they enjoying Mother Nature just like me, or simply busy scrolling stuff through Instagram or other forms of social media.

These days people are so busy with their phones, they forget the real life. Life is always on screen.

Lately I’m so tired of that, I’ve been wondering what it was like : life without cell phones, internet, social media. Would it be a better life, enjoying what’s once was precious and what really matters like the beautiful sceneries around you, the sunset, the sea, the birds and the sky.

So for today, take an hour to put your phone down and just simply enjoy your surroundings.

Love, S.

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