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Promise Me No Promises

There’s no relation between this photo and my post, really. Just wanna say hi to you all from my favourite Cross Fit box in Bali located in Seminyak and wishing everybody a wonderful Monday morning. Keep it healthy and happy, guys.


As I grow up, I think I’ve trained myself to be careful with what I’m about to say to another human being. Is it true ? Is it necessary ? Is it kind ? I really do encourage all of you to think about these three questions before saying things to others.

There’s this person I’ve met in Surabaya and I’ve never acquaintance this person before but my Mom has. She just say hi and how are you after they never met these past few years and you know what she said after those small talks ? ” Hey, you look fat now. I think you’re fatter. You’ve become so big. ” I mean, hello ? Do you really need to say that ? And I think my Mom looks gorgeous and she does change a bit but not that much. Too far, Ma’am, sorry. I think she’s saying things that are unnecessary. Sometimes we shouldn’t go too far and doing small talks far more than the necessary.

Also, never promise things you’re not going to make. It’s all about a yes or no things, you know. If you can do it, say yes. If you can’t do it, just say no. Straight to the point.

Living things straight to the point is not easy. But it does make life easier and more truthful, trust me. It seems hard at first, but as you live day by day by this code, life will become much better.

Peace and love and wishing you great day ahead !

Love, S.

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