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The Past.

I was born as Marissa with two S but my birth certificate certified me by mistake with one S. Okay, I’ll live with that. Growing up, people call me Maris but some people find themselves nicknamed me either Ica or Sassa. And I prefer Sassa much better. And so, anyways.

My parents spoiled me rotten and also my Mother’s side of family as they find me as the first grand daughter and the first baby around after a while in the big family. I think my parents taught me well enough about religions, believes, manners and behaviours. I can tell that I, myself, as a well behaved kid growing up.

Being spoiled rotten had come to its consequences as I now saw myself selfish for some times and I always found my way to get what I want. Not getting what I wanted was not an option. What a bitch, you may think.

And so, I grew up and got some boyfriends, hey one at a time of course, and I found myself being the one who broke things up rather than them. Sometimes, the mistakes were so clearly tiny ones that got myself to think now how selfish and how self centred I had been. Dumping people after I slightly thought things didn’t work rather than working on them. Hmm.

So, to my ex boyfriends.

I am so sorry if I hurt you all in the past. I am so sorry that I’d rather run away from all the things that we can work on. I am so sorry I was rather selfish and I am so sorry if in this moment which already a future that I traumatised you all. I am sorry.

There. I’ve said it. My baggage. How I hurt people and how sorry I am, and this time being said : to my ex boyfriends.

Peace and love.


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