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Phones Down

I hang out at coffee shops or cafes by myself to enjoy a me time a lot. When I get the chance to put off my book that I’m reading or off the laptop screen when I’m working on something, I always absorb my surrounding and find that some couples or group of friends getting together, BUT they keep their eyes on their phones and just sitting there in silence. I mean, come on, dudes, what’s the point of meeting up and seeing your friends ?

When it comes to hanging out, I prefer to put my phone away. If something really urgent is happening, I know that the person on the other side would never stop calling me up until I get my phone and pick up.

In this high technology world, being with our phones are really essentials. But I think being with human beings without phones in tact once in a while is more essential, to be able to interact directly. What’s more important, your social media or real interactions ?

Something to think about.

Love, S.

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