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On Friendship and Business

People say don’t mix business and friendship, your current good relationship with the other person will be ruined. Well, it’s nothing like that between me and Crystal, my friend in the photo because we never mix business with friendship. So we’re cool. We have our ups and downs but all good nowadays. So. Moving on.

So yeah, I have a fashion line, an online clothing brand that’s been established for more than two years. I involved one of my best friend and never get me wrong. We get along really great. We even great travel buddies. But for the past six months, business is not doing so great and I have to let him go. It’s a pain in my heart and an ache in my soul because it’s never something that I want to do. But my overhead on the money and the budget is too overwhelming to keep my friend in the company. So without mixing my feeling and intuition, I will let him go this afternoon.

Can you guys imagine how I feel. The nauseousness of the chances that our friendship will be ruined, the thought of the hard feelings we will be having and all these possibilities which are not pretty. Sigh.

Fingers crossed that he will understand and we will stay friends, though. Who wouldn’t want that.

And anyway, I have a back up plan of applying myself into some bikini company in Bali, but still I have an uneasy feeling of leaving my family behind.

In my 30, I thought I would be all settled. Turns out, I’m still a mess.

But that’s okay. Let’s be a mess, let’s mess things up, but eventually we’re going to tidy things up and hopefully everything will be okay.

Stressed out and not perfect,


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