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Chicken Rice, Giraffe and The Blue Dress

It was going to be a long day and settling myself with one of Singapore’s finest dish for breakfast : CHICKEN RICE ! ( Can I hear yeayyyyyy ). The fragrant rice, the chicken melting in my mouth, the simplicity yet tasty dish tingling and flirting with my palate : It is always been a favourite and a winning dish. And guess where I was going to visit ? SINGAPORE ZOO ( Another yeayyyyy ).

I had the opportunity to take this photo with one of my favourite living being : giraffes ! They were so calm even though the weather was balmy and the heat was piercing and I managed to take this one amazing photo with them. Such a great creation of The Almighty God.

Dressing myself in a comfortable slip on linen ZARA powder blue dress with a gold necklace that I’ve found from a Bali local weekend market, my versatile BALENCIAGA bag and a SPERRY slip on shoes. And oh ! Loving my MANGO sunglasses.

Such a great day and such an amazing experience. Plus, the place is super clean and tidy it was amazingly neat. I love my experience there that day and it was truly unforgettable.

Love, S.

Happy weekend x !

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