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The Running Away Tendency

Do not fear.

That’s what I learned from the bible.

Do not worry.

That one too.

As a human being, it is so easy for us to feel fear and worry towards things such as health, finances or our future. I have the tendency towards those feelings too.

Back in the days, I used to run away. From problems that I’m facing, from people that I should be confronting. I used to just take sanctuary on my bubble and run away.

But now I realise that if I run away, I will keep on running and the problem would be endless. So now, instead of running away I choose to confront my problems gently, facing them one by one. And you know what? Things get by and I move on.

So don’t be afraid to face everything life throws at you. You are strong enough to face them and they will pass, you will learn.

Love, S.

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