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How To Maintain Joy

In this millennial age, it’s so easy for us to get caught up in weariness of looking through social media and thinking people are more successful than us, confusion in search of who we are and what do we want for our future, so here comes pressure. It’s so easy to lose joy in a blink and panic rises taking its place in our hearts and pushing out the peace and joy. In this phase, people often forget that sometimes miracles do happen and things that we’ve never expected before sometimes take place. Sometimes, your present situation is not your final destination, so never worry when you try on one area of life and fail several times. A building is never built in a day.

What I suggest is to surround yourself with positivities. Looking to some supporting communities of people with positive attitudes and look through their lives and how they manage to survive the pressure. When we have hope and faith, they are what keep us going and keep us alive and prevent ourselves from giving up. Look around, miracles do happen and people do survive. So keep on striving in your own way and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

By the way, I’m wearing TOPSHOP head to toe. T-shirt, wide leg trousers and chunky sneakers paired up with a GUCCI bag and a pearly hair pin.

Keep pushing forward and be positive.

Love, S.

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