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All That Glitters

My Mom said that millennials are the generations struggling to find themselves. As a millennial myself, I couldn’t agree more. I’m thirty freaking years old and still, I don’t even know what to do with my life and what should I do for my future. I’m still at that finding myself phase, getting confuse, make mistakes and torn between decisions.

Looking through social media, we see people with better lives than us. Those ones with branded bags, shoes and beautiful outfit fashion wise, or those ones with flashing cars and beautiful houses. Those ones who achieved at such young age, those things that we look up that sometimes bring us down and frustrated even more or depressed, because we think that others are doing well while our own lives are fucked up.

But then, things are somehow more than meet the eyes. Some people are rich but dying out of cancer, some people are settled but their families are falling apart, some people are flashy with their branded things but they are lonely. If we always look up, we forget to look down and realise how precious some things we have that others don’t possess.

Even Whitney Houston, a wonderful singer, has gone at a merely ripe age to still be in a singing career path. We never know what’s missing in others life where our bare eyes see as successful, we’ll never know what’s really going on inside.

Anyway, on behalf of being a Whitney Houston fans, I am wearing a TOPSHOP Whitney T-shirt paired up with a sequinned mini denim skirt and a bumbag, with a high top CONVERSE sneakers.

And may I say, if you think my life is pretty like my Instagram feed, boy, there is more than meets the eyes.

Appreciate your life.

Love, S.

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