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The Magic of Reading

Call me a daydreamer and I’ll say I am. I always love to picture myself as somebody else, creating a story about myself, whereas the sky is the limit and there is no forbidden space of whoever I’ll be. Sometimes, I found the magic of all those said in reading.

When I read something, either it’s a romcom or biography, I tend to put myself in the character’s shoes, wondering what it would be like to be someone that I’m reading. That’s why I love reading the books better when they come out as movies. Sometimes what I picture in mind is rather different when it comes alive as a motion picture.

I take reading as a pleasure, something that I love to do in a lonely evening with a glass of chilled white wine. It relaxes me after a long day and yes, it helps to release my stress.

Try to read a book. You might find leisure and joy in it.

Love, S.

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