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In This Moment

Never look back too much because some mistakes will make you fall deep into regrets. Some past are best learnt, some are best forgotten and then we move on. Some past are some memories best kept in our hearts, some past are better buried deep and let it be the mistakes on our younger days. Some past are some best memories we’ve taken for granted, and in the future we will learn to cherish those moments, every little thing, every single second.

Never look too far away in the future. We will get scared, we will get confused, we will lost track for no reason because of the fear of the unknown. Never overthinking things that have not even happened yet. Just let it flow, go with it. Whatever that has planned from us from above, we will be able to get through it with faith.

Enjoy the present, enjoy today and enjoy this second. Do your best for today. Let go of the yesterdays, enjoy the now, look forward positively to the future.

Peace and love.


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