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Talk Over Some Sangria Wine

I’m a preacher and believer of a girl’s me time. Being in love and spending time just with me, myself and I. But sometimes, it gets lonely. Whenever I feel like it’s enough of me time, I would scroll over my phone contact to see which long lost friend I should catch up on. And then, I’ve decided to meet up with Happy, one of the strongest women I’ve known and a fierce business woman. Besides catching up, I’ve got to know about the secret of the success of her new business, her relationship with family and her health secret that makes her look agelessly young.

It’s okay sometimes to be alone. But whenever you have the time and energy, socialise. Scroll your phone and see who hasn’t met you in a long time. Might be a good catch up face to face than just saying hi over the phone. And oh ! Phone’s off while you’re hanging out please.

Just a tip.

Peace and love, S.

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