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A Woman of Power

In the whole wide world of fashion and style, each of us individually must have bumped into a fashion something that makes us look good, feel good and eventually feeling confident while wearing that one particular item of our choice. Boost of confidence, everybody.

My weapon of choice ? BOOTS. Whatever it is that I’m wearing in one day, either it’s just a plain white T-shirt or a plain dress, a pair of good boots can truly make a statement. It’s my comfort zone, my saviour when I’m feeling too lazy to dress up or wear a make up, a pair of good boots can make a difference.

Favorite boots for every occasion is the pair that I’ve found about two years ago in BERSHKA, affordable fashion brand and my, the quality is so good. I wear them too much and they still in one piece. Work, construction sites, malls and so on, you name it. They are so well and worn out, but they still look good. Not brand new, but properly good.

I’ve got tons of boots, chunky, Uggs, and everything else. While I’m wearing them, I feel like I can conquer any bad days or bad nights, and also the world.

What’s your power fashion items ?

Have a great day and wearing my boots now, S.

Note : In photo I’m wearing a TOPSHOP top, denim mini skirt and sling bag with my pair of BERSHKA boots.

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