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Mundane Days

I wake up everyday early in the morning, take a quick shower, get dressed and off to my daily routine of exercising. Whether it’s yoga, boxing or weightlifting days including seeing friends on the gym, somehow those daily routines are so mundane I don’t even notice that some days the work out is so good, it keeps me energised for the rest of the day. Or some days, I bumped into old friends and we laugh about something that it keeps me happy for a while.

Going out and having myself a cup of great cappuccino and a slice of gorgeous and tasty cake, feeling tummy happy and satisfied. Seeing sunsets and sunrises. Scored a great deal on some dresses or even laughing at some silly things that strangers do.

Those things are so mundane, sometimes we didn’t notice that we’ve got some great joy out of them. When we notice more and be grateful more, it’s a bigger chance for us to have a good day and whatever downfall comes our way, it will seem smaller.

So, take joy in mundane things, daily routines, accidental smiles and laughs. It makes our day.



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