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When you are in a very good place, let’s just say that you are in Bali, it is easy to feel happy, joyful and glorious. There is no need to feel lousy and whatever comes your way, either it is good or bad, rude and kind, you can easily shrug everything off and return the deeds with a smile.

But what if it is a regular day. It is raining and you are running to your regular newsstand, grabbing your favourite copy of magazine and when you are going to pay, the guy who attend the stall are grumpy and rude, grumbling like the rainy day is your fault. He does not even thank you for buying a magazine.

Do you return the grumpiness or keep your upbeat self and not let that guy ruin your happy self ? Well, it is hard to maintain to be happy when there is some force from outside trying to let you down. But believe me, when you hold yourself and stay the way you are, nothing from outside can crush you. Respect yourself and love yourself enough to have that good feeling inside you.

React positively.

Happy Monday ! X.

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