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What Fills Your Heart

Ready for a stroll in this TOPSHOP top and pants with a pair of white VANS sneakers and a MANGO bucket bag. Looking fresh and feeling the same way in a sleek hair bun. Now, my thoughts.

Looking through my photos, you’ll see myself smiling or laughing, no such things as fierce or stuff because I love to smile. No matter how lousy I feel, it’s not a strong enough reason to spread negativity to others and not to greet or to smile to others. It’s such a simple, easy and kind gesture, it could make someone’s day better. And yes, it’s free.

It’s easy to feel defeated, beat up and to just give up. But you can always try your best to fill your heart with positivity until there’s no room for negativity to take place. Always set your heart, mind and soul into happy thoughts and progressively you’ll be on autopilot on defeating the bad things and focusing on the good things.

Try today !

Love, S.

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