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Bothersome Joy

Greetings from the sunny side of Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia and sharing some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking. Here’s following.

You have a little brother that keeps teasing you about your new haircut and keep vanishing your home made yummy guacamole that you’ve been making from scratch. It annoys you like crazy you literally can give your brother a punch in the face.

Your Mom keeps on nagging you on your new boyfriend. She’s not really keen on the attitude and somehow has all this mixed up feeling she’s keep on pouring onto you every day and night.

Your best friend keeps nagging you about spending some quality time together as she’s going overseas to pursue her dream career and she just can’t seem to cut it off and keep texting you.

Then suddenly it happens.

You have your own family and your brother is not so little anymore, off to his own path of life and you’re looking at your home made superstar guacamole without all those nagging and you just miss your brother.

You live out in another country and you’re only contacting your Mom via text messages or phone without seeing her everyday and she can’t comment on which guy you’re seeing and you deeply need her for her opinions.

Your best friend is finally away, and you only see her every now and then.

Some things that bother you so much sometimes are the things we’ve taken for granted, even when it is bothering us at the present moments. You finally miss them all because they bring you joy and laughters at some point and finally they are all going away.

Cherish the little things, even the annoying things from your loved ones even when they are bothering you so much. Without realising it, one day they will all go away into only memories, and you end up missing them. Piece by piece, day by day.

Notice the little things.

Love, S.

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