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Late Bloomer

The definition of a late bloomer is someone or something that does not come into his or her its own, either mentally or physically, until after most other peers. An example of a late bloomer is a person who is shorter than all her classmates but has a growth spurt right before going to college.

That’s what Google said. I’ve just copy pasted the whole thing. And being a late bloomer in career myself, I agree. I have enough savings through this year and then what, I’m still trying to figure things out. I got an IG TV story yesterday that a preacher said, every so often what you’re passionate about is something that you’re called to do. Well, I hope so.

People tend to see others’ lives through their own lenses. They see people on Instagram being so successful and settled because that’s what they want people to see. Some people got frustrated, desperate and suicidal. Being in a millennial generation is hard and tough, not because of the lack of jobs or anything but the capability of comparing ourselves to others is made easy through social media, and that what makes us being let down by ourselves so many times.

“Comparison is a thief of joy,” that’s what Winston Churchill said. Every so often I’m jealous of my more settled friends or those ones who happen to have rich boyfriends paying for their lives and not having to struggle in life. Well, yeah, jealousy happens but then I come to think again that everyone’s got his or her own race and sometimes we have to fight and struggle. Well, not everything you see is something that really happens too, we’ll never know what really happens with someone or what’s inside their minds, yes ?

So, let’s face our life, no matter what’s in front of us and let’s just live. No matter what.

Loves and bubbles, S.

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