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Hotel Majapahit : Heritage

When I got the chance to visit Surabaya, I visited Hotel Majapahit, one of the oldest heritage building in Surabaya, still operating as a well known and popular hotel. Built back in the days when the VOC still invaded Indonesia, it is rich in history and one of our pride, a national landmark. Classical architecture and well manicured gardens, romantic and old feelings, nostalgic yet some of us find it creepy because it’s so darn old. Haha. Centred in the middle of the city, the giant white walls covered all the area for the 143 rooms they have and a well maintained facilities.

Here are some of my shots.


Love, S.

Attending my relative’s wedding has brought me to such an adventure exploring Surabaya and here’s what me and my Mom’s wearing.

Hope you get a chance to visit this city !

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