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You Will Always Crave What You Can’t Have

Look at my hair. Do you want yours to look like mine ? Long, fluffy and curly. Do you know that it takes hours to wash, dry and then curl them and fluff them up with bunch of hair products ? And guess what. They’re extensions woven to my real hair. Ta Da !

You’ll always crave and you’ll always want what you can’t have. Seeing the grass of your neighbour as greener, seeing others as happier, wealthier or smarter and so on. It is a tangled vision that will never ends and if you let them, the thoughts will consume you in comparison of what you don’t have and they will prevent you from moving forward rather than sulking and being jealous.

So today, see the little things. Things that you possessed. Things that you have that others don’t. Or even those things that you’ve been neglected and small things that make you happy.

When you accept who you are and what you have, no matter where you are in life and how the next person looks fancier than you, you’ll always be filled with self acceptance and gratitude.

Happy Monday.

Love, S. XX.

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