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Movie Day Out

Living in Box Town and being home, there’s not much you can do around here. So, instead of just sit at home and scowl at myself, I lift my butt off and head to the movie theatre, treating myself a premiere seat to The Avengers : End Game and may I say, I hate the ending. I can’t tell much but yeah, that’s all the spoiler I’ve got to say.

Sitting for three hours and holding my pee around the end of the movie, I’m wearing a comfortable outfit consisting of a ZARA plain basic T-shirt paired up with a TOPSHOP MOM jeans, a pair of ONITSUKA TIGER sneakers and a MANGO vintage style bag. I need comfortable wear to survive those long hours. It doesn’t feel that long tho. But may I say again like a grumpy kid, I HATE THE ENDING !

Peace, love and happy weekend.

Love, S.

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