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Jakarta heat hits me like crazy but it doesn’t stop me from writing. So hello people of the world to my post today, wherever you are, wherever you came from. Greetings and happy weekend.

Sharing is caring.

How many times do we hear that phrase ? Whether it’s monetary like the money you have to the needy or a slice of cake you’re having with a friend. Or McDonald’s fries ? YUMS.

The point is, sharing never has to be about things. It can also be about the talents you have. Whether it’s fixing somebody’s phone, dressing your girlfriends to prom or helping your friend setting a business plan for the start up he or she is about to begin.

Sharing is bigger than just about things. It’s about what we can do to people and how to share those capabilities and make it into something big.

Peace and love and share something today !

Love, S.

PS. Wearing a ZARA shirt, UNIQLO legging, ZARA booties and TOPSHOP bag. You don’t have to wear super high and brand to look good and be happy. Style yourself to your budget as long as you believe that you can be stylish in your own way 🙂 That’s me sharing a fashion tip.

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