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Step Back and Relax

This world has created a lot of thoughts that scored in our minds like “hustling”, “striving”, “success”, “work hard” and so on. Those words implement us to do things fast, solemnly telling us to rest a little less and strive on work a little more. Wrong.

Just like working out in the gym, if you’re working out everyday with no days off, you’ll end up restless and feel like dragging yourself to the gym out of necessity rather than excitement the next day. Trust me, you need a day off on everything and it’s okay to rest and lay back a little.

Here’s my down time photos and hopefully they encourage you to enjoy a day off from a week mad of full on work, a crazy work out at the gym regime or anything else that drives you nuts and plant you a thought of the necessity to work hard without rest and to hustle without slowing down.

It’s okay to rest and enjoy yourselves once in a while, okay ? Take care of yourself and be happy. It’s a way not to get fed up doing what you have to do in life.

Love, S. XXX.

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