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Contentment in Being Happy

I used to want to run away from Box Town. With the mistakes I’ve made, enemies I’ve created and the suffocating little town that it is where everybody knows anybody and everybody ends up marrying the same person they’ve met when they’re in junior high or kindergarten even. The suffocating feeling is literally real and I’ve been trying everything in my power to run away from this small town that I tend to hate.

I’ve never liked living here. That’s why I travel a lot and try to make a living elsewhere. But this realisation came to mind when I had to stay in Box Town long enough for my sick Grandmother. No matter wherever I am, I have to be contently happy and be able to survive in wherever I take place. It’s not the place, it’s myself. I have to be able to survive everything about a place in order to be happy about me.

Sipping my hot latte and spent like literally more than a month now without getting myself to escape Box Town and make the best out of it is an achievement I guess. No more running away, I’ll survive this town and whatever comes with it, and just be grateful that I have a home where my family loves me so much.

Peace out, S. X.

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