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Beautiful Progress

Greetings from Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia and sharing my photos and my thoughts.

People tend to see only THE RESULT. When they see a beautiful RESULT, the progress may never cross their minds that to be able to get something beautiful, you have to survive some progress. Sometimes it hurts, it worries you, it makes you doubt your decisions and yourselves, it’s tearfully fearful. These things may never cross your mind. You tend to see the outcome without seeing the drilling progress.

Somebody being an amazing doctor, award winning actors and actresses, singing sensations, well known bloggers, all of these kind of sorts. Same goes with beautiful artworks, fashion or buildings.

Sometimes it takes days, months, years. Each person must have it on one stage of life when one is trying to reach a goal. Either it’s one or two goals, a progress has to be made and has to be overcome. One must endure the progress no matter how painful it is. And people, that’s life. It’s a matter of strive. After you’ve received the goal, you’ll set another goal and the progress starts all over again. Each progress for each person is also different, each person has his or her own season and we can never be jealous of others when their goals are achieved earlier. Just focus on yourself. Taj Mahal is not built in just a day. Being a doctor is not based on reading a medical book for a day.

So, no matter how painful life is, life must go on. Just go with it, go with the flow, do your best each day and enjoy every down time that you have. This second will never come again, you’ll never be able to rewind time, so just live life.

Some photos from Labuan Bajo and a progress of building Ayana Komodo, a resort in Labuan Bajo.

Enjoy your progress.

Love, S XXXXX.

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