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Individual Happiness

Happy Mayday and Ola people ! How you guys have been ? Good, I hope.

Well, let me start by saying that I’ve been rummaging my hard disk and finding a lot of mementos from last year there. I’ve met bunch of people from all over the world just in Bali and I feel so blessed to have come to know each and every one of them ! Speaking of which.

I realised that one of my friend finds great joy just because he always got greeted by his two pooches when he gets home. At times, I don’t understand why he’s so happy. He sees them every single day and even sleeps with them.

Another friend finds great joy when his sports team wins and he will jump up and down in happiness when the team scores. I was like… Dude, it’s just football, but it makes him super happy.

Freshly manicured hands on a girlfriend when she doesn’t have time to pamper herself, a well groomed tiny garden on the back of the house, a great boxing session and so on.

Each individual has her or his own great joy in something. That’s the uniqueness of being human. There is no place for us to judge which one is a bigger happiness or which one is the smaller one. Everybody is different and that’s what’s great about life.

Peace and love your unique individuality.

Love, S.

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