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Make Friends Everywhere

As much as I love my lone time and having myself a me time, I can’t ignore the fact that I love being in a group of friends hanging out places where I can feel comfortable blending in, meeting new people, reuniting with old mates. I never was the kind of person who categorised circle of people being above or below, being from one background to another. I think the beauty of friendship is being able to have friends for all around the world and blending in. So, April is almost over, and we’re approaching May tomorrow. Let’s spread more friendship for months and years to come !

Some of the photos I’ve bumped from my hard disk while munching on my breakfast and got me inspired to write this post. I miss every single one of my friends on the photos, I swear. Equality that I’ve found in my friendship in Bali is so different from the categorised ones in Box Town. How I wish every friendship is like the one I’ve found in Bali.

Ah, The Harlequinn on above is from one of my bartender friends. Yums.

Love you guys, and if you want to be friends with me and spread your friendship flag, just add me on instagram ! Feel free to be friends with moi !

Love, S, XXX.

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