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Balance Life

Ketogenic, Mayo, Intermittent Fasting, Atkins and all sorts. We know that some people get through life doing heavy trainings and diet stuff. I’ve tried Ketogenic for like two committed whole years and it ruined my metabolism like crazy. It took a while to get my body back on its natural track.

I think everything is all about balance. When you’re eating meat too much, eat veggies and fruit more the next day. If you drink too much, do cardio and sweat it out the next day. Something that’s a little too much is never good. Believe me, been there done that !

If you’re vegan, good for you. Do that because you decide that it makes you happy, not because everybody is doing it. Listen to your body. Don’t exercise too much when you’re tired, take a rest and exercise the next day.

Life is all about a balance. Balance it out with your heart, body and soul. Listen to yourself and you’ll live a happy healthy life inside and out.

Happy weekend !

Love, S.

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