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Confidence VS Self Doubt

Yes. I’m starting my own fashion clothing line. And yes, I’m still applying for jobs here and there. I guess I’m just not sure with what I do. There are still dark clouds of self-doubt around me and it keeps consuming me and eating me up, little by little, slowly but surely.

Then, I think again. A confident woman would be sure about what she does. She might make mistakes, but that doesn’t stop her from being sure about what she does and she will keep on moving forward, knowing that whatever is wrong can be put to be right. When she’s self doubting, she will do a lot of things inconsistently because she’s so scared to be wrong and that will keeps her away from consistency and moving forward into one direct goal. It will mess up her one goal that can actually be something solid gold.

So what I do now ? I choose my clothing line. And little by little, it moves forward. With a little confidence that I build and pile up each and every day, I’m starting to lose the self doubt and try to do my best. Whatever happens next, I will surrender. If this doesn’t work out at the end and ends up hopeless, I’ll start to think and go for another dream. As simple as that.

There will always be hope. There will always be more. Just believe that at the end of the day, we’ll get where we need to be.

Love, S.

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