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The Perks of Having a Bad Day

Yoga has been my thing these days. When I successfully pull off difficult poses or movements, I feel so great like I’ve just conquered the world. This morning though, I feel like I can kill myself as what I had to do with my yoga coach is so freaking hard, I think my muscles literally crushed. I want to curse so bad but yoga is all about serenity right ? So I kept my damn mouth shut and just pushing through until the end. I feel fresh but a little moody and gloomy feeling clouded over me. And with Box Town being so hot and my AC being totally broken, my mood literally go even more down. And guess what ? The engineer can’t come until the next two days. HA!

I think bad days happen for reasons. First, it makes us feel thankful for all the good days and not taking little things for granted. For example, when my AC is working properly on a hot day. It seems so regular that I don’t even feel a tiny recognition of thankfulness inside me. And now, I regret that I haven’t been more thankful for my working AC and the breeze that soothes me on hot sunny days.

My gloominess when I’m in Box Town makes me so thankful about Bali. When I’m in Bali, I feel so free spirited and I feel so happy. The sunsets are beautiful and because it’s so regular for me, everyday in Bali seems so normal. But now that I think more about it, my days in Bali are beautiful. Each and every day. And those sunsets ? Marvellous.

So yeah. Bad days happen. Shit happens. But it makes us thankful and realise that all those good days are wonderful. Let’s keep it that way and recognise more and more.

Be grateful.

Love, S.

PS. Some photos I’ve got from Ubud, Bali on The Silence Day.

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