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Fear About The Beginning

In Bali, there are a lot of shops with cute interiors selling cute stuff that makes you feel like OMYGOSH, SO CUTE, I’VE GOT TO GET THAT ONE AND TAKE THAT HOME WITH ME. That’s the feeling. Sort of. That includes a lot of categories from home and living, bikinis, regular clothes and many more.

Well, it got me thinking that the business owner must have made a lot of investment in the beginning. Knowing that there are a lot of people doing that while I, myself, starting to build up my fashion clothing brand, feel like I’m not alone.

Sometimes I’m so damn scared feeling like well, I’ve already invested a lot of money in this new business, how about if it’s not working out and I lost all the money all at once. Feeling scared about the future I think is pretty normal. But being scared and worry all the time can messed up the beauty of enjoying the progress and the ride. Sometimes, what we fear most is never happen anyway.

So I’m just going to strive and try to get by, doing the best that I can. Who knows, one day I’m so successful and you’ll walk into one of my stores thinking OMYGOSH, THAT TOP IS SO CUTE, I’VE GOT TO GET IT !

Wish me luck in this rainy Saturday.

Love, S.

PS. Some photos I’ve got in Bali.

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